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Powerful, all-natural energy pills that keep you going throughout the day. No crash, no chemicals, and no false promises. Guaranteed to work or your money back.

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I have a very high performance, fast paced job… this product is amazing! I can literally just go go go for hours with just one capsule! I’m glad to have found Extreme Energy!
— Ashlee G.

Energy pills that really work.

When it’s 1 PM and you’re thinking about brewing a third cup of coffee…

Your feel burnt out. You can’t focus.

And, honestly, you’d rather just go back to bed…

That’s when you need Extreme Energy.

It’s a tried and true energy pill since 1999 that works in the first 30 minutes you take it.


With Extreme Energy, you can expect…

  • No chemicals, fillers, or preservatives
  • No crash in the afternoon
  • About 6+ hours of smooth, sustained energy (may last longer)
  • Less fatigue and more motivation to get stuff done
  • And, likely, the sudden urge to tell everyone you know about Extreme Energy

Because it’s not like every other pill on the market.

Those energy pills don’t work, which is why you’re here.

3 Reasons Extreme Energy is Different

It won’t make you crash.

When you fill your body with loads of caffeine (from coffee or energy drinks), you create a “tiredness time bomb.”

Eventually, you’re going to crash.

It’s because the caffeine molecules bind to your adenosine receptors and prevent you from feeling tired for a while.

No crash

But once the caffeine fades (and it will)… so will your energy. And THAT’S when you experience the “crash”.

Extreme Energy solves this problem: It supplements caffeine with various energy-enhancing herbs, which means you’ll have smooth, sustained energy for 6 hours or more.

It will give you motivation for everything.

Do you ever have trouble getting out of bed? What about having motivation to do anything?

If you want to change that, just take an Extreme Energy.

Get motivation

In about 30 minutes, Extreme Energy will kick in and wake you up with energy to accomplish anything you’ve set your heart on.

As Ashlee G says, “I can literally just go go go for hours with just one capsule!

And it will help eliminate your fatigue.

Fatigue is a big deal.

On some days, it can feel like you want to curl up into a ball and sleep it off.

But now you can just take an Extreme Energy!

Kriie Customer Review

Just like Kriie, “I have underlying health conditions which make me very fatigued, but I am a preschool teacher for kids with special needs, and I need the energy of the energizing bunny! I am so thankful that I have found, finally, Extreme Energy!

Extreme Energy harnesses the power of Yohimbe Bark to fight your fatigue naturally, which has been shown to reduce fatigue and increase body endurance.

Tired of fatigue? Try Extreme Energy today, and watch it change your life.

Does Extreme Energy Really Work?


Every single time you take Extreme Energy, you’ll feel the energy surge through your veins.

You’ll have all the energy you need for whatever you need to do.

But you should hear it from customers’ mouths below…

Absolutely changed my life. I was tired all the time. I’m hooked for life! – Michael V.

I am a nurse that works long hours. This provides me with the energy stamina needed to get through my days without the crash and burn midday! – Lisa M.

Love this product! I’ve been using for years! I’ve recommended it to all my friends, family and clients. Great for nurses, law enforcement, truck drivers, even divers during Shark 🦈 Week. My son used it to study for finals too. – Deena R.

This gave me all kinds of energy so I was able to do my housework. I am a disabled veteran with fibromyalgia and arthritis so I’m always tired. – Crystal S.

I’ve been using this product for over 20 years. This product really works. I always tell my friends.. – Vince A.

Pure Energy from 100% Natural Ingredients

Feeding your body the right nutrients is vital to a long, healthy life.

And when it comes to energy boosters, going all-natural is just as important.

Thankfully, you don’t have to feel hesitant about taking an energy pill: Extreme Energy is 100% natural in every way.

100% Natural
Soy Free
Gluten Free

Extreme Energy

Extreme Energy contains Eleuthero Root
Eleuthero Root

An ancient root from China that helps with fatigue, cognition, and endurance.

Extreme Energy contains Panax and American Ginseng
Ginseng (Panax & American)

Two types of true ginsengs that each help fight fatigue and boost your endurance.

Extreme Energy contains 100mg of caffeine from Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean

A worldwide favorite that doubles as a stimulant and antioxidant, and also helps inhibit drowsiness.

Extreme Energy contains Yohimbe Bark
Yohimbe Bark

A powerful stimulant from the Central African Yohimbe tree that boosts your energy and helps fight exhaustion.

Better Energy at a Fraction of the Cost

Coffee and energy drinks can cost you hundreds of dollars a year.

And they don’t give you energy that lasts through your day.

But Extreme Energy costs as low as $0.57 cents a day–which is a FRACTION of a standard cup of coffee.

  Cost Per Month Hours of Energy 100% Natural
You would pay that much for a cup of coffee!?Coffee $2.00 2-3
Energy Drink $2.50 2-3
Energy Shot $2.50 3-5
Extreme EnergyExtreme Energy $0.57 6+

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren’t answered below, you can contact us in several ways.

While Extreme Energy packets can be found in select convenience stores across the US, you can try 10 days of Extreme Energy for only $4.99.

(This is a one-time only offer.)

Extreme Energy doesn't rely solely on caffeine to give you lasting energy.

Instead, it supplements caffeine from coffee bean with other powerful, natural herbs such as Eleuthero Root, Panax & American Ginseng, and Yohimbe Bark.

This results in you experiencing smooth, lasting energy without the devastating crash after a few hours.

Yes. Extreme Energy contains 100mg of caffeine from coffee bean. This is about the average amount of caffeine in an 8-oz cup of coffee.

Extreme Energy, however, gives you hours and hours of energy (6+ on average)--and it won't make you crash--like a cup of coffee or energy drink would.

If you have a medical condition and are unsure if Extreme Energy is right for you, we suggest you consult your physician prior to purchasing and taking it.

Sometimes people are too sensitive to stimulants, so Extreme Energy might cause those people to be a little jittery.

Otherwise, Extreme Energy (as a stimulant) can increase your heart rate. If it's too strong for you, we recommend splitting the capsule in half.

Since 1999, people of all ages have taken Extreme Energy daily. We haven't seen that to be the case once.

If you are combining Extreme Energy with other stimulants, however, you may acquire a tolerance to caffeine.

We recommend against combining Extreme Energy with other stimulants.

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