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About Us

We love supplements.

Oh, goodness. The joy in creating something from natural that enhances the way we live. It’s the joy that we and our customers experience when somebody loves our product.

When they tell us how they’ve been using it; or why it’s their favorite; or what it’s enabled them to do–we feel satisfied in our job.

Ingredients are king.

What matters most is that we put the very best ingredients in our supplements–no exceptions.

We take our products too, which means we don’t want to give you some junk supplement. That would never align with our vision. From day one (over 20 years ago), we sought to help people live healthier, active lives through natural, effective supplements. We hope to never stop doing that.

We make herbal supplements so you can be naturally you.

And you are queen.

We would be nowhere without you. Our customers mean the world to us. Some of them we’ve known for a decade: we know and call them by first name.

We’re not saying it has to be that way–we just like people. Our customers’ input, their feedback, is essential to what we do as a company. Before we make a decision, we have to ask ourselves what our most loyal customers would say or do. Would they like it? Would they appreciate it?