Irregularity, occasional constipation, or bowel discomfort? My Gentle Cleanse can help.

My Gentle Cleanse

My Gentle Cleanse is a super-gentle, all-natural colon cleanse pill that gives you relief from bowel irregularity, pain, discomfort, and bloating.

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My Gentle Cleanse
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Have you ever eaten the wrong foods and been blocked up for days? When all you want is bowel relief, but it seems IMPOSSIBLE to get it?

That’s why we designed My Gentle Cleanse: It’s for people who seriously need bowel relief, and who want it fast.

It’s made for…

  • Those who feel blocked up or heavy
  • Anyone whose medication constipates him/her
  • Or who doesn’t have regular bowel movements
  • … And anyone who needs an effective yet gentle colon cleanse


Alleviates Bowels

Gives you amazing relief, and fast.

Restores Regularity

Be healthy and regular once again.

Softens Stool

No more pain or discomfort.

Reduces Bloating

Fewer uncomfortable, unsightly bulges.

Supports Weight Loss

Remove build-up and heaviness (short-term).

100% Natural

No chemicals or preservatives. Just herbs.


Every ingredient in My Gentle Cleanse helps support your digestive health and alleviate you as gently as possible.

The unique herbal blend allows you to get relief whenever you need it, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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100% Natural
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Cascara sagrada ingredient

Cascara Sagrada

Also known as “Sacred Bark,” this herb acts on the colon to promote peristalsis and stool evacuation.

Senna leaf ingredient

Senna Leaf

This potent leaf is an excellent purgative, and stimulates peristalsis by acting on the large intestine.

Fennel seed ingredient

Fennel Seed

A seed rich with fiber and antioxidant properties that helps alleviate symptoms of constipation and reduce intestinal gas.

Dandelion ingredient

Dandelion Root

A common plant used as both a diuretic and aid in minor digestive problems.

Aloe vera ingredient

Aloe Vera

A famous “healing” plant that acts as a natural laxative, which can help improve bowel movement frequency and stool consistency.

How it works

Peristalsis in the intestines

When people talk about the “bowels,” we usually think they’re talking about the colon… but they actually mean the intestines.

It’s in this intestinal region where many of our digestive issues lie, and it’s the very place My Gentle Cleanse goes to fight them.


Peristalsis is the “wave-like movement” that pushes contents through your intestines. Your body does this on its own–however, sometimes it needs a bit of help.

Herbs in this formula help “act on” your bowels’ peristaltic action, which means contents get moved to your colon more easily, triggering your bowel movements naturally.

Colon comfort

Below the intestines, both small and large, the contents of your bowels finally arrive to your colon, which is their final resting point. Before the contents arrived, they were in the form of “chyme,” which is the pulpy acidic fluid (“contents”) that needs to leave your body.

Other herbs in My Gentle Cleanse help soften this chyme, or stool, by increasing the moisture and allowing you to perform a bowel movement without strain. This means less discomfort and more relief, in the most gentle, natural way.

Digestive support

Beyond stimulating peristalsis, the My Gentle Cleanse formula supports digestive health thanks to the fibrous, antioxidant, and diuretic properties of the herbal ingredients.

For you, this usually means reducing bloating or discomfort, reduced pressure on the intestinal walls (softened stool), and improved movement of stool through the intestines.

Special offer

Each colon cleanser is uniquely formulated to help give you bowel relief… But there’s a difference.

  • My Gentle Cleanse (blue) is especially helpful if you have painful or uncomfortable bowel movements. It helps soften your stool and relieve you of discomfort.
  • My Gentle Detox (orange) puts more emphasis on bowel regularity. If you have infrequent or irregular bowel movements, this one is the stronger of the two.

Click the button below to add both to cart and SAVE 63% immediately. This is a one-time offer only.

Frequently asked questions

As a family business, we’re near and able to talk to you over the phone. Just call us at 1-800-AMAZING.

Do I have to alter my diet?

No, you do not. The beauty of this colon cleanse is that it doesn’t need babysitting. However, we do recommend that you drink plenty of water, which is vital for a high-functioning digestive system.

How long does it take to kick in?

It depends on your unique body, but our customers report around 12-24 hours. For you it may happen sooner.

Will it help me lose weight?

You may report a sudden loss of weight after first taking the cleanse (because excess fecal matter is being removed), but it’s not intended as a long-term weight loss solution.

What’s the difference between the detox and cleanse?

My Gentle Detox has more “push” (helps with regularity and occasional constipation), while My Gentle Cleanse has more “softening” (helps with softening stool and alleviating discomfort). If it’s your first time doing a colon cleanse, try My Gentle Cleanse.

Can I take if I have _____ medical condition?

We cannot prescribe use under any medical condition. If you have questions about taking this product with a specific condition, please consult your physician. Please read the directions on the bottle for more information.

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