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Submit Your Video Testimonial

You can receive a FREE 3-month supply of your favorite product by submitting a video testimonial.

Video Requirements

  • Clearly show the product you’re talking about.
  • Show your face.
  • Talk about your experience of the product (what you like, how it makes you feel, how long you’ve been taking it, etc.).

(Video must be at least 30 seconds long.)

1. Grab a smartphone or tablet that can record video.

Record your testimonial on some type of smartphone

You can use a traditional camera, but using your phone would be easier. That way, it’s like doing a selfie, except you have to talk for about 30 seconds.

2. Record a video of your review.

Record your video yourself, or have a friend record you.

If you’ve never done this before, you might feel a bit uncomfortable. Some people don’t like to take videos of themselves while others are around, so you may want to go outside or into a private room.

3. Upload your video right here.

Submit your video to us online, right on this page.

Using the same device you just used to record the testimonial, revisit this page and fill in the information below.

(Is this pesky form not working? Email us your video instead: