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Submit Your Video Testimonial

You can receive a FREE 3-month supply of your favorite product by submitting a video testimonial.

1. Grab a smartphone or tablet that can record video.

(iPhone, Samsung, iPad, etc.)

Record your testimonial on some type of smartphone

2. Record a video of your review.

You might want to ask a friend or family to record you.

(Then you can take them out for lunch or coffee to thank them.)

Record your video yourself, or have a friend record you.

Video Requirements

(Video must contain all 3 checkmarks and be between 20–50 seconds long to qualify.)

  • Mention our company name, Herbal Nitro.
  • Clearly show both the product and your beautiful face 😊.
  • Review both the product and your shopping experience.

3. Upload your video right here.

Using the same device you just used to record the testimonial, revisit this page and fill in the information below.

(Make sure you enter the email associated with your Herbal Nitro account.)

Submit your video to us online, right on this page.



Sit back, relax, and wait for your FREE 3 month supply to arrive.