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Colon Cleanse Detox Duo

The colon cleanse starter pack.

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A combo 2-in-1 colon cleanse that allows you to try both formulas at 70% the cost.

  • Remove build-up
  • Alleviate bowels
  • Soften stool
  • Restore regularity
  • Improve digestion
Vegan • Soy Free • Gluten Free • Non GMO
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Take back your life from occasional constipation.

Colon Cleanse Detox Duo is a great 2-in-1 value to try our colon cleansing.

Why should I colon cleanse?

Human digestion is responsible for keeping you alive, as it is the sole organ in your body that receives and processes the nutrients in your food, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Your digestive system breaks these nutrients down so your body can use them for energy, growth, and cell repair.

Not only does your digestive system interact with nutrients, it has also been associated with the brain, coining the term “brain-gut axis.” If you haven’t yet realized how vital the connection between our gut and our brain is, it’s time to realize and take action now.

While looking for a colon cleanse, it may seem like your colon is separated, isolated from the entire process, but this is not the case. It is simply the final stage in a complex 7-organ system, involving the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, and large intestine.

The good thing about natural colon cleanses like this one is that they benefit the entire digestive system, minus the mouth and throat.

Shocking facts about cleansing/detoxing

When we think we are the only one struggling with something, we begin to feel embarrassed, as if nobody can sympathize with us. With colon cleansing, you’re definitely not alone: millions and millions share your burden with you.

  • Constipation* is defined by having fewer than three bowel movements per week.
  • Digestive issues are more common as you age, especially beginning at the age of 60.
  • Women are three times as likely to experience constipation. [1]
  • Each year, people make 2.5 million visits to the doctor concerning chronic constipation.
  • Diet, exercise, and water are among the most common reasons for occasional constipation.
  • Taking medications can have can significant adverse effects on digestive health and regularity.

*If you struggle with chronic constipation, please consult your physician. These cleanses are designed for those with occasional constipation or other non-critical digestive issues.

5 reasons you might need a cleanse

1. Your bowel movements are infrequent.

There are many factors for bowel irregularity, but some of the commonest are age (usually beginning at 45-50+), daily activity, and diet. For some people, a healthy bowel schedule could be three per week, yet for others daily.

The reality is, there’s no magic number, so if you feel like you need be relieved more often, a natural colon cleanse is perfect for you.

2. You experience painful or uncomfortable movements.

One of the culprits here is the amount of water you are drinking and how much soluble fiber you have in your diet. Fiber, along with some natural herbs (like Cascara Sagrada in these formulas), help soften your stool so that when it’s time to go to the restroom, you won’t have to push as hard.

It’s vital that you don’t put excessive stress on your colon, which can result in a hernia. When your stool is softened, you’ll find your time on the toilet will be a more enjoyable and less painful experience–and if you often experience hardened stools, you know more than anyone how good relief feels.

3. You feel bloated.

Sometimes we can mistake bloating for overeating or for menstrual reasons, but if you’re bloated all the time without reason, it may have something to do with your digestive system.

One reasons you may experience bowel-related bloating is simply from not pooping enough. If your stool is hardened, for example, your bowel movements become less frequent, and digestive waste will build up in your bowels. This will exert pressure on your stomach and cause you discomfort.

If you’re regularly bloated, it’s likely you just need to remove build-up and restore regularity to your bowel movements.

4. You feel sluggish or weighed down.

The good thing about your digestive system is how many areas in your body it can affect… which can be a bad thing, too. One of the colon cleanse benefits our customers often report is a feeling of energy, as if the removal of build-up in the colon changes the way they feel throughout the day.

There are several reasons you may feel sluggish–diet, exercise, or even the contraction of a flu/disease (mononucleosis) can contribute to a constant tiredness. Another very real reason, however, may be because you need bowel relief.

There is a lot of talk about detoxes being used to eliminate toxins in the body. We don’t advocate that, however, considering how efficient our digestive system is at already removing toxic waste within our body.

5. You want to improve your digestive health.

Usually, people don’t opt for this reason out-of-the-blue: it’s generally a side-effect or resulting benefit of pursuing a healthy digestive system.

When you focus on your gut health, you can see a tremendous improvement in how you feel throughout the day, especially if your bowel irregularity, bloating, or painful stools were preventing you from doing things you wanted to do.

Why these cleanses are better than others

There are no other colon cleanses out there that bear the word “gentle”–and mean it. When we created these cleanses 20 years ago, it was with a specific goal in mind: create a colon cleanse that treats the body gently, with natural ingredients.

These cleanses do just that. Instead of forcing your body into a bowel movement, they use a medley of herbs, leaves, and roots, sourced from across the world, to help your intestines function better.

By assisting your body’s peristalsis, or “wave-like push action,” within the intestines (specifically in the small intestine), these colon cleansers gently improve the performance of your body’s natural digestive functions, and work alongside it, not against it, unlike other medications, laxatives, or manual detox methods.

Choosing the right cleanse for you

Depending on the digestive issues you have (above), it’s in your best interest to choose a colon cleanse/detox that is designed for your body’s needs.

We’ve created a short 4-question quiz that helps you choose which of our gentle colon cleanses is perfect for you, whether it’s…

cleanse quiz


Have you done a colon cleanse before?


How frequent are your bowel movements?


Are your bowel movements "hard" or painful?


How often do you feel bloated?



  • Remove build-up: Get rid of painful build-up, which causes bloating and discomfort.
  • Alleviate bowels: This natural colon cleanser is designed to work with your body, relieving your bowels as gently as possible.
  • Restore regularity: Get back the regular, normal bowel movements that you had when you were younger with this gentle colon detox.
  • Soften stool: Natural herbs in this formula target your stool to soften it, allowing for more softened, less painful bowel movements.
  • Improve digestion: Boost your digestive health with natural, regular bowel movements without invasive, laxative agents.

How to use

Start with 1 pill daily. If needed, reduce to 1 every other day. Drink plenty of water.

We recommend you take a capsule in the morning or at night, allowing several hours for it to take effect.

*Daily dosage is 1 capsule.

One pill. Countless benefits.

100% natural ingredients for the perfect cleanse.

Cascara Sagrada

[kas-kair-uh suh-grahd-uh]

A botanical antioxidant that helps with bowel relief and intestinal absorption (softens stool).



Senna is a vital helper in gastrointestinal motility: the push; it helps your body’s natural processes of peristalsis.



A seed commonly used as a digestive helper, Fennel helps alleviate gastrointestinal complaints, like bloating and flatulence.


[dan-dl-ahy-uh n]

Dandelion helps with minor digestive problems with its richness in phenolic content (acts as an antioxidant).

Aloe Vera

[al-oh ver-uh]

Aloe Vera, apart from its various medicinal properties, is often sought as a soothing aid in occasional constipation.



Rich with antioxidant benefits, along with its increased choleretic and diuretic activities (bile and urine secretion).

Milk Thistle

[milk this-uh l]

This thistle helps decrease oxidative stress and increase cellular metabolism in the liver.



Sarsaparilla is known for its antioxidant activities, ability to clear heat and relieve dampness, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Frequently asked questions


Can I go about my normal day?

Absolutely! When you first begin taking a detox supplement, watch for bowel movement patterns or responses in your own body. Then, once you know your body’s schedule, you will not have to worry about being “away from a bathroom.”

How long does it take to “kick in”?

Generally, we say 12-24 hours. However, since our bodies are so unique and we each metabolize at different rates (with factors such as genetics, diet, and exercise playing a role), you will need to wait patiently to see how fast or slow your body responds.

Will this help me lose weight?

This detox formula is not created to help to lose weight, but is for cleansing the colon. If you are looking for appetite control or weight management, please see our weight loss stick.

What’s the difference between the detox and cleanse?

The main difference between the two gentle formulas is the way they act upon your intestines (bowels). Both will help you cleanse your colon, but depending on your needs one may be better suited for you than the other. If this is your first time, we recommend you try this duo so you can see which of the two works best for your body. If your bowel movements are painful or “hard,” and you want a gentler helper, we recommend you try My Gentle Cleanse. If your bowel movements are infrequent or irregular, we recommend you try My Gentle Detox.

Are these pills better than other methods?

We believe so, yes, because our herbal formulas are a natural, non-invasive solution to bowel irregularity (if you experience chronic constipation, though, please consult your doctor). You can read more about popular colon cleansing methods here.


When do I take it?

While the timing varies per person, we recommend you take a dose either in the morning or in the evening. However, depending on your schedule, you may have a time that fits best for you. Try taking a pill at different times of the day to see which works best for your bowels, and stick to that.

How many do I take per day?

We recommend you start with one pill every other day, and adjust to a maximum of one pill daily according to the way your body responds.

Can I take it on an empty stomach?

Yes. You can take a pill with or without food.

Can I take it with… [this medical condition]?

Whether you are pregnant; have high blood pressure; are taking a prescribed medication; or are being treated for any other medical condition by your doctor/physician, we recommend you consult with him/her prior to taking this product.

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100% natural

Colon Cleanse Detox Duo

The colon cleanse starter pack.

Rated 4.915 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
(10 combined reviews)

$31.98 $22.50

A combo 2-in-1 colon cleanse that allows you to try both formulas at 70% the cost.

  • Remove build-up
  • Alleviate bowels
  • Soften stool
  • Restore regularity
  • Improve digestion
Vegan • Soy Free • Gluten Free • Non GMO
We have a 100% guaranteed, 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose the payment method that works for you!