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11 Dead-Simple Ways to Get High (On Life)

Yeah, so you want to get high? Well, if you’re looking for the Scooby Doobie, the lettuce, the green nugget: get outta here, man.

This piece of written gold is for the serious ones: the ones who wanna get high on life.

What does it mean to get “high”? Well, there are a few definitions.



adj. phrase

1. Toked and stoked to the point of yoked.
Take care of your boy. He’s beyond high.

2. Of a really high altitude, usu. followed by “up.”
I feel the vertigo, man; I’m so high up. Take me down.

3. Eager, zealous, and in love with life.
I’m high on life, and I’m lovin’ it™.

Which of these definitions resonates with you?

Make sure you choose the right one (Hint: it’s not #1).

Right on. Let’s dive in to the 11 ways to get high on life!

1. Wake up before the sun.

Waking up early gives you time in the morning to get high on life.

Waking up early is not just an accolade, something you can boast about to your lazy friends. Rising early gives you a moment before each day to reflect, consider how this day will be better than the rest, and make a solid effort to eat something nutritious before you leave the house.

But you can still get breakfast on the go, so why not sleep in?

There’s not really any hard data on the benefits, but there are testimonies of people all over the world who experience brighter days when they beat the sun. Set your alarm for 15 minutes early and watch your life get higher.

2. Drop sugar entirely.

Drop sugar, fight diabetes, and get high on life.

When you were a child, you probably ate Ding Dongs, with Twinkies at a close second; but now you’re an adult, and it’s time you give them up.

There is a reason sugar used to be considered a drug: it’s damn addictive, and it tastes too good. But sugar is killing you, one Twinkie at a time. Did you know that every year, 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with Diabetes II? They say insanity is doing the same thing over and again but expecting different results: Why would you continue to eat sugar and expect to live long?

If you have a sweet tooth (or a mouthful of them), stick to fruit. Don’t juice the damn things: eat the whole fruit–the rind (skin) too. Fruits have sugar, but it’s natural, controlled sugar that won’t have you sitting in a doctor’s office at age 45.

3. Dance naked in front of the mirror.

It's okay to dance naked in front of the mirror once in a while.

You probably can’t dance: most of us can’t but we’re okay with that.

And you probably don’t have the body of an Olympian: most of us don’t but we’re okay with that.

But if you don’t dance naked in front of the mirror, you are missing out on the golden opportunity to love the body you’re in.

You can’t allow petty insecurities to rob you of the joy of doing the naked booty shake in the bathroom, or the glee of the nick nack booty smack–the mammary shuffle, the lonely lap dance–or, my most favorite dance, the chubby cha cha cha.

4. Forgive completely.

Like a balloon, forgiving people takes you higher and higher.

Life is far too short to hold out on forgiveness. When someone wrongs you and you refuse to forgive him/her completely, you hold your own life and well-being at ransom.

Sometimes forgiving someone has nothing to do with the person who wronged you: it has to do with you.

You can’t get high on life when ill-feelings you harbor inside pull you down constantly. Just like a weight on a balloon: once you cut the string, it starts flying higher and higher and higher.

5. Encourage the youth around you.

Encourage the youth and help them get high on life.

If you’re still a youth and you’re reading this: Go back to playing Fortnite. But we–you and I–were all youth, and if we seem to have somewhat of a footing in life, we probably had some healthy, older role models who encouraged us as a kid.

The youth around you, whether or not you think you have something “good” or “valuable” to offer, are always watching what you do. Like a baby watches his/her parent or a dog its owner’s plate of food, the youth are watching your actions. They have questions, and you have the answers–just from being alive for longer than they have.

Do the young’uns around you a solid and tell them, “Good job”, “Keep it up,” or “You suck at Fortnite.”

6. Put the phone away.

Put the phone down and get high on life with people.

Other than this exact moment that you’re likely using your phone to read this, you should probably limit your phone use.

A psychological study a few years ago saw a correlation between time in front of a screen and happiness; in other words, the more our faces are glued to our phones, the unhappier we are. Our phones–our addiction to technology–is isolating us and creating this idea that we actually have friends… when they’re just online acquaintances.

You don’t have to be a Luddite to realize that technology is, sometimes, killing us. Just put the phone down for a while, or put it on silence; or download Candy Crush until you lose your money and throw it at a wall. That’s a great way to get out into the world, get active, and get high on life.

7. Go outside.

Leave the house, go outside, and get high on life.

When you are connected to the greatest social networks at the click of an app (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), why bother going outside? Plus, if you have Sprint there’s no phone reception out there.

We are wired to be outside: to embrace nature, use our hands, feet, and whole body, and provide for ourselves. The idea of permanent enclosure is a newer thing for humans. By staying inside and avoiding contact with new people, are you missing out ona world of possibilities, anywhere from meeting a friend, a soulmate, or a chap just in need of encouragement.

Do your body and soul a favor and leave the house–even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

8. Read something other than statuses.

Reading social media statuses don't count as books. Read a classic.

You knew this was coming: you’re guilty of it, but you didn’t want to admit it.

Facebook/Twitter statuses don’t count as “good reads”: they probably dumb you down more than teach you anything, like your one friend whose life is on constant panorama to the world. Social media was intended to connect people, but now it’s become our literature.

Here’s a good place to start: the top 100 classics according to Guardian. You don’t have you tell anyone you have a reading plan: and please, don’t post a status about it.

9. Do what you love (even if you suck at it).

Choose a hobby you love and just do it.

Do you draw stick figures? Draw the best damn stick figure you can. What about scrapbooking? Gaming? Card tricks? Calisthenics? Poetry? Dancing? Blog writing? Painting?

Whatever it is, just do it. I promise you: if you think the hobby you love is not “practical” enough and you decide not to do it, you will regret it forever. We live in world of pragmatism where every bit of time spent is filtered: Is this worth my time when I could be doing “that”? Yes.

I don’t know about you, but I find one of the most attractive human qualities the willingness to be unabashedly yourself, because those people don’t look to others for approval: they already know who they are and what they love, and they’ll do it with zeal.

10. Move your butt.

One way to get high and move your butt is by walking your dog.

I’ll make this easy. Do you like dogs? And is your dog fat? Great! So start walking your dog, and you’ll both get in shape.

The problem isn’t dogs, though. America is now roughly 40% obese, which means we probably have several friends who are overweight (or we are ourselves). But don’t worry, because you can change that. I believe in you, and chances are you have a large community of people who believe in you too–even if you don’t believe in yourself.

If you want to move your butt, get active, and get high, you need to be both etching the time to exercise in your schedule and feeding yourself the right nutrients–ones that give you energy, not ones that take it away from you.

And last, but certainly not least, to get high on life you need to….

11. Get natural energy.

Even those who practice yoga need natural energy.

You can’t get high on life if you’re tired; and if you’re tired all the time, there are just 4 things you need to do:

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Stay active at least 3-4 times a week
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Have the right source of energy.

Dead simple.

But about #4: This is a special one. It’s no lie that the majority of us drink coffee (if you don’t, props to you!).

If your coffee is black, you’re probably in the clear; but if it’s the slightest hint toward brown, you may be putting excess fat and sugar in your body (milk, half-n-half).

And if you down frappuccinos and energy drinks, the only high you’ll be getting is a blood sugar high.

To get high on life, you need natural energy: 100% natural energy, made of herbs and plants and roots. People have been using herbal ingredients for eons because they know the natural route is the best and safest route.

If you want real, natural energy–the stuff with no sugar, no crash, no chemicals–you need to try Extreme Energy.

1. Take one pill daily.

We packed herbal ingredients into each capsule, so you can get one powerful dose of energy when you need it.

2. Drink some water.

When you use your boost of energy to get active, you’ll definitely want to stay hydrated. Plus, some just need water to swallow a pill.

3. Run a marathon.

It’s time to achieve: now you have the natural energy boost to conquer the day. What will you do with it?

But here’s the really neat thing: all the ingredients are 100% natural.

You might be thinking, “So what?”

These days, all-natural is a big deal, considering all the chemicals we unknowingly digest–whether its from our morning fancy coffee, the preservative coating on our fruits, or the extra “taste” on those occasional fast food burgers.

100% natural ingredients.

Eleuthero Root


Eleuthero is a unique root with a deep history in Chinese medicine. It is used as a stimulant that helps both mental acuity and metabolism.

Origin: Northeast Asia

Genus: Eleutherococcus



Ginseng is a powerful stimulant and central immune system booster, coming in various forms from all across the world.

Origin: North America, China

Genus: Panax

Coffee Bean

[kaw-fee been]

Coffee bean is a natural source of caffeine that needs no introduction. Along with its global use as caffeine, it’s also an antioxidant helper.

Origin: Yemen

Genus: Rubiaceae

Yohimbe Bark

[yoh-him-bey bahrk]

Yohimbe is an very ancient bark that’s been used as a stimulant to fight fatigue and increase bodily endurance.

Origin: Central Africa

Genus: Rubiaceae

In fact, I know people who have been using Extreme Energy for over a decade: because it’s natural, and because it works every single time.

So I asked you to check a box at the beginning, but you didn’t answer it.

How will you get high on life? I get high by choosing natural energy. What will you choose?

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