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This Energy Pill is the Opposite of Suck

EARTH, MILKY WAY—There is a guy on Earth named Jack, and he is the definition of suck.

Some call him “The Succ,” some call him Jack Suckerberg, and some don’t even say his name, like some type of denigrating Voldemort spin-off.

He’s the type of guy at the party who rummages through the host’s snack cabinet without permission, grabs the end-spot on the living room couch, and gorges on Cheetos while everyone is playing Beer Pong.

But more than a freeloader, he is tired all the time. He is the perfect example of suck.




1. A person, thing, or event that exhibits “the suck.”
Example: This idea of a 9-5 work schedule is just suck. I’m going back to sleep.

2. Jack.

But one day, Jack decided he didn’t want to be defined by his suckage: he wanted to be called by his real name–given esteem to face the world a confident man.

But before I tell you what Jack did, you need to know something about Jack: he’s a skeptic.

He researches the best energy sources.

He’ll research anything to the bone before deciding to try something new that gives him energy–because we all want to know: What is the best energy source out there?

He used to drink energy drinks, but then he found out that energy drinks are seriously unhealthy–and the caffeine isn’t the problem.

They are loaded with sugar, and have been linked to higher blood pressure and diabetes.

Don't look to chemicals for natural energy.

Then, after Jack ditched the energy drink, he started becoming a Frappuccino addict.

But when he’d have to pay upwards of $5.00 per frothy “coffee,” and all the while consume HUNDREDS of calories each drink, he decided high-end coffee drinks were just as bad.

Jack found that those high-sugar, unnatural energy stimulants were…

1. Causing him gain weight (and fast!).

2. Spiking his blood sugar and blood pressure.

3. Making him crash, and crash hard.

4. Forcing him to be reliant upon unnatural energy.

Then Jack found Extreme Energy.

This natural energy pill gives you extreme, long-lasting energy.

Extreme Energy is an all-natural, long-lasting energy supplement, created by shoving nature’s own ingredients in a bottle.

Instead of putting chemicals into his ever-aging body, Jack decided to go the natural route:

He chose natural energy supplements..

  • Without the crash.
  • Without the jitters.
  • Without the chemicals, and most importantly,
  • Without the suck.

Don’t be Jack.

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