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5 Ways You’re Losing Money (Without Realizing It)

When I was in college, my friends would make fun of me for always looking for a deal. College was expensive, and I’d do anything to save a nickel here, a quarter there.

Now, they all look to me for advice on saving money!

So how do we find ways to keep up wallets full in this economy?

Here’s a list of 5 not-so obvious ways you’re losing money (without realizing it):

1. You’re not taking advantage of special discounts (that are not being advertised).

Saving money while shopping by using discounts

There are tons of special discounts everywhere you shop–but you aren’t aware of them. Sometimes the stores don’t even mention them.

But… did you ask about them?

Did you ask about the…

  • Senior discount?
  • Veteran discount?
  • Child discount?
  • Bulk discount?
  • First-time discount?

These discounts are abundant and real–but sometimes we’re a bit nervous to ask.

We don’t want to be “that” person.

I’ll be that person all day if it means I save money!

2. You’re not keeping track of your cell phone plan.

Stay on top of your cell phone plan to not lose money.

You’d think everyone stays on top of their bills–but this is so untrue.

One thing that sucks about cell phone companies is how they won’t tell you a new, cheaper plan is available.

Nope. If you are paying twice the amount of what you could be paying, do you think the company’s going to tell you?

Not a chance. You’ll just stay on your current, expensive plan until you die.

3. You’re paying for Uber/Lyft in the wrong places.

Calling an Uber or Lyft in the right place can save you lots of money.

Did you know that Uber/Lyft drivers have “activity” maps that show them where they can make the most money per ride?

These are a luxury only they have: they’re like heat maps, but for finding high-paying riders.

For example, you may be in a busy area at a busy time of day (like downtown during the evening), and you’re paying 2-3 times the average cost that you’d pay in other areas.

You can either:

  • Apply to be an Uber/Lyft driver to get access to the “heat map”, or…
  • Walk a few blocks away from the busy “pickup” areas.

The farther you are from the hot spots, the less you’ll pay for that drunk ride home.

4. You’re buying too many “specialty” items.

Save money by not buying specialty items.

There’s a joke floating around social media talking about the difference between buying for a male versus buying for a female.

But you don’t have to buy everything made “just for you.”

The beauty industry:

For men: This can be used as a shampoo, body wash, face wash, lotion, mouth wash, tooth paste, engine degreaser, spackle, or sunscreen.

For women: We’ve specially formulated this moisturizer for your left elbow.

The beauty industry (and many like it) want you to believe that this product is made for only this thing–which is wrong. Most things you buy can have multiple uses.

Start paying attention to the ingredients and compare them to everything else you buy.

5. You’re buying cups of coffee on-the-go.

Buying cups of coffee can cost you hundreds a year.

This one always blows my mind: People are over-spending hundreds of dollars a year because they buy a daily cup of coffee on their way to work or wherever.

(Is this you?)

The average cup of coffee, being fairly conservative, is about $2.50, right?

If you multiply that 365 times (over a whole year), that’s $912.50. Nearly $1000 dollars a year spent on cups of coffee.

Aside from the ridiculous cost, you are also staining your teeth, overloading your body on caffeine, and experiencing a crash later in the day.

If you want to save hundreds of dollars a year by using energy that is..

  • 1/5th the cost of a cup of coffee.
  • 100% all-natural.
  • Crash-free and jitter-free.
  • Long-lasting for hours and hours.

If you want that type of energy, find out how below.

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