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Cleanse at home.

An easy 3-step all-natural, gentle colon cleanse.

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My Gentle Cleanse

If you could do a natural colon cleanse right now, without even leaving your home, would you do it?

What about a cleanse that…

All of our cleanses use vegetarian (vegan) capsules.
  • Doesn’t require a doctor’s appointment…
  • Or flushing water up there.
  • Doesn’t give you pain or discomfort.
  • Or a strict, difficult diet…

This is why our customers have loved My Gentle Cleanse contains Cascara Sagrada and Aloe VeraMy Gentle Cleanse for 20 years and counting.

If you’re looking for a gentle, all-natural, at-home colon cleanse, you’ve found the right place!

Aloe vera perfect for smooth bowel relief.
Colon cleanses are even more important as you age.

What our customers are saying.

How do to a colon cleanse at home in 3 steps.

1. Increase your daily water intake.

Drinking water is an essential part of a colon cleanse.

For a healthy digestive system, you need to seriously increase the amount of water you drink daily. Here are a few tips:

  1. Drink from larger water bottles, as your mind will still perceive it as “one bottle of water”–and you’ll drink more.
  2. Choose your favorite water temperature–whether it’s hot or cold. If you enjoy the temperature, you’ll likely drink more of it.
  3. Place the water near you, not in the kitchen or your backpack or purse. If it’s in view, it’s in you.

2. Replace simple carbs with high-fiber foods.

You may think it’s hard to get fiber into your diet–but it’s actually really easy (and delicious)!

Dark chocolate is an excellent source of fiber.

These 5 simple-yet-delicious sources of fiber can be incorporated into your diet. They will help your digestive system prepare for that instant cleanse.

  1. Chia Seeds: 34.4%
  2. Popcorn: 14.5%
  3. Almonds: 12.5%
  4. Dark Chocolate: 10.9%
  5. Oats: 10.6%

*(% = # grams per 100 grams.)

3. Take 1 capsule daily.

My Gentle Cleanse is specially formulated to gently cleanse your colon–and it does this by releasing different herbs, roots, and leaves that target your digestive system.

My Gentle Cleanse contains Cascara Sagrada and Aloe Vera

This colon cleanse assists your body’s peristalsis, the “wave-like push action” in your intestines (specifically in the small intestine), and gently but effectively improves the performance of your body’s natural digestive functions.

It works with your body–not against it, compared to invasive alternatives such as medications, laxatives, or manual detox methods.

So what does all of this mean?

It means you can safely, gently, and naturally cleanse your colon from home… starting today.

20 years of the same promise: the best ingredients.

My Gentle Cleanse contains Cascara Sagrada and Aloe Vera

My Gentle Cleanse

My Gentle Detox contains Sarsaparilla and Dandelion

My Gentle Detox

Colon Cleanse Detox Duo is a great 2-in-1 value to try our colon cleansing.

Colon Cleanse Detox Duo

Aloe vera perfect for smooth bowel relief.
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, apart from its various medicinal properties, is often sought as a soothing aid in occasional constipation.

Artichoke great as antioxidant plant.

Rich with antioxidant benefits, along with its increased choleretic and diuretic activities (bile and urine secretion).

Cascara Sagrada leaf as stool softener.
Cascara Sagrada

A botanical antioxidant that helps with bowel relief and intestinal absorption (softens stool).

Dandelion great for digestion.

Dandelion helps with minor digestive problems with its richness in phenolic content (acts as an antioxidant).

Fennel is admired for its essential fatty acids.
Fennel Seed

A seed commonly used as a digestive helper, Fennel helps alleviate gastrointestinal complaints, like bloating and flatulence.

Milk Thistle potent plant targeting liver
Milk Thistle

This thistle helps decrease oxidative stress and increase cellular metabolism in the liver.

Sarsaparilla is used to detoxicate and relieve heat/dampness.

Sarsaparilla is known for its antioxidant activities, ability to clear heat and relieve dampness, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Senna leaf good for colon cleanse via peristalsis.
Senna Leaf

Senna is a vital helper in gastrointestinal motility: the push; it helps your body’s natural processes of peristalsis.

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My Gentle Cleanse contains Cascara Sagrada and Aloe Vera
My Gentle Cleanse