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Can you be vulnerable with me?

Do you know anyone who has trouble going to the restroom?

Okay, let’s talk about it.

But first, let’s go somewhere private. It’s dark in here!

It’s just you and me, so I’m gonna need to you be honest for a bit.

No one is listening to this conversion.

How often do you poop?

Do you go poop enough? I’m serious.

(Check one.)

I’ll hold onto that answer for you until the end.

Now let’s talk about poop.

Did you know that up to


of people have trouble with occasional constipation?

I hope you don’t have constipation (if you have chronic constipation, please consult your physician).

But for just about everyone else who breathes, bowel irregularity is a problem.

I know I’m not the only one who has dealt with it.

Avoid constipation by keeping a healthy colon.

Ever look like this?

And you just hate your stomach, wondering…

Am I going to poop today? Tomorrow?

Well, if you’re like me, you are by no means alone, because everyone shares this same problem.

Because the problem is…

Your bowels.





Your bowels (or your colon) either make you an Olympic pooper or a sad, uncomfortable person.

See, if your colon is healthy, it can help…

Unclog your pores (which are blocked from oils and can cause acne).

Remove built up toxins (which can affect your skin health).

Help with your daily digestion.

Increase your energy.

Overall boost your colon health.

Start your colon cleanse right now.

And if you haven’t started your cleanse, this one’s for you:

You can look like this when you leave the restroom.

This sloth embodies the results of a colon cleanse.

Are you currently doing a colon cleanse?

I think it’s time to answer a question:

What’s a Colon Cleanse?
Drinking plenty of water helps you have more frequent bowel movements.

A colon cleanse is the process of cleaning out the insides of your body by decreasing or eliminating built-up toxins.

Your bowel regularity depends a lot on the food you eat.

And it starts with the food you eat.

You eat the food. You love it and wish it lasts forever–and then it goes down the esophagus.

The esophagus moves the food down to your stomach by a process of consecutive contractions called peristalsis.

(This is an important word we’ll get back to later.)

Then the food hits the stomach, which is like the garbage disposal: it mixes and grinds the contents with enzymes to break down the food enough that it can pass through the first intestine…

Which is the small intestine

Your small intestine's peristaltic action helps you push through chyme.

Your small intestine is an integral part of the colon cleanse process.

Its job is to…

absorb any nutrients the food has,

and then eject the junk with a bowel movement.

This means that if your diet isn’t as pure as an Olympic athlete’s, your small intestine will help you remove the crap you may have eaten.

Then the food moves from the small intestine to the large intestine, also known as the large bowel.

Your large intestine is a big factor in bowel movements.

The large intestine is the counterpart to the small, except it deals with liquid.

This intestine is responsible for absorbing liquids and various vitamins–and it would appreciate it if all the liquids you consume were water!

When the stomach mashes up your food, it becomes what we call chyme.

Chyme is pretty much an amorphous mass of food and saliva, and you don’t want a picture of it.

It’s not something you want to talk about at the dinner table or bring to a show-and-tell.

Did you know the large intestine is

4x the length

of the small intestine?

Now the chyme has reached the colon… but how?

Remember that word I told you to remember?

What was the word?

(Check one.)

Did you get it right?

*High five!*

Peristalsis is the many back-and-forth, wave-like contractions in your digestive tubes that push food along (now as chyme) to the colon.

But when the chyme gets to the large intestine, that peristaltic action is called a mass movement.

Hey, what was that box you checked earlier?

Press button for your quiz results.

Awww, you followed directions!

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Gentle. Natural. Personal.

Your 2-in-1 colon cleanse detox duo.

Natural colon cleanse and detox combo for herbal health

Cascara Sagrada

Historically known as “sacred bark,” this plant has a natural laxative effect, and helps relieve and regulate the bowels.

Cascara Sagrada leaf as stool softener.


An herbal laxative that helps the peristaltic action (the push) of your colon–mostly in the small intestine.

Senna leaf good for colon cleanse via peristalsis.


A widely used herbal plant that’s useful in more than just cooking. Fennel seed is great for its essential fatty acids and its digestive, antioxidant abilities.

Fennel is admired for its essential fatty acids.


This pretty plant has a high phenolic content (it’s an antioxidant), and helps with minor digestive problems. Perfect for a colon cleanse formula!

Dandelion great for digestion.

Aloe Vera

This plant has been considered a global panacea and used as a healing product for ages. Among its other uses, Aloe can be a soothing aid in bowel discomfort.

Aloe vera perfect for smooth bowel relief.


Artichoke has long been used as an herbal medicine, but also for its antioxidant benefits and its choleretic and diuretic activities.

Artichoke great as antioxidant plant.

Milk Thistle

Also known as silymarin, this plant’s enzymes help the oxidative metabolism in the liver, and even aid the immune system.

Milk Thistle potent plant targeting liver


The root of this plant has high phenolic content (which can act as an antioxidant), and is widely used in detoxes and heat/dampness relief.

Sarsaparilla is used to detoxicate and relieve heat/dampness.

Which one of these will you do today?

Get acupuncture (ouch!).

Get an enema (haha, no).

Stick a tube up there (not gonna happen).

Get a natural colon cleanse (YES!).


By that time you’ll love time spent on the toilet.

My Gentle Cleanse

A clean, gentle, starter cleanse.


Natural, gentle colon cleanse with herbal ingredientsNatural, gentle colon cleanse with herbal ingredients

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Colon Cleanse Detox Duo

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Natural colon cleanse and detox combo for herbal healthNatural colon cleanse and detox combo for herbal health

My Gentle Detox

For a gentle cleanse with some extra push.


Detoxify your body with an natural herbal detoxDetoxify your body with an natural herbal detox

If you’re still not sure about a colon cleanse…

You know that your colon won’t cleanse itself, right?

But hey, that’s cool. You’re never going to have the success story I had though…

That’s in my diary. It’s personal and… uncensored, so don’t read it.


This is the diary of a constipated kid.This is the diary of a constipated kid.

Yes, my diary is a notepad.

Let me be honest: I got to a point where I was tired of being full of sh… you know.

I hated the stomach pain.

I hated my stomach, my body.

I was losing hope.

I thought all of my friends had golden bowels.

Well I learned that–HahahAHAHAH…

Well, they didn’t.

It turns out a ton of my friends had trouble going poop.

They just never told me. They never told anyone.

So I searched the web, looking for a natural colon cleanse.

There was no hope. So I created hope: this colon cleanse.

I was sick of being bloated. I wanted freedom.

And that’s when I asked myself…

“Do you want freedom from your bowels?”

I think you know what I said.

What will you?

This is personal. Don't distribute.

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