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5 Real Health Benefits of Colon Cleansing

Science-based, reliable benefits that you can experience yourself.

Is doing a colon cleanse beneficial? Absolutely.

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Did you know colon cleansing could be this good for you? While you read the list, think about which benefit you’d love the most.

We’ve heard from our customers about their colon cleansing experience, and we’ve compiled 5 real benefits.

*By the way, I’m assuming you already know that colon cleanses “removing toxins” is a load of garbage. Thankfully, some websites are wising up to this.

1. Helps you poop regularly.

This one is obvious… or is it?

Regardless of the type of colon cleansing method you choose, colon cleansing definitely helps you poop.

Most colon cleansing methods–the ones that work alongside the body without shoving water or tools up you-know-where–target your bowels (intestines) and help them do their job better.

Your small intestine's peristaltic action helps you push through chyme.

A colon cleanse can benefit your small intestine, which is the first intestine that receives the contents (“chyme”) from your stomach.

Your small intestine uses this method of pushing contents toward your colon, called peristalsis. These are your bowels’ wave-like contracting movements.

(Think of a snake or a really talented and kind-of-spastic belly dancer.)

Your large intestine is a big factor in bowel movements.

Then your long intestine comes in and finishes the job. Instead of using peristaltic actions, it performs something we call “mass movements”: these are pretty much the more-powerful version of peristalsis.

Colon cleansing helps you poop by assisting your body’s intestines. It helps them do their job more effectively, which results in–you guessed it: more regular pooping.

In a pilot study on people with IBS (a “pilot study” is a small, preliminary experiment), one of the highlighted benefits the patients experienced was more regular bowel movements.

However, they were using a method that kind of shoots water up the bum like Nerf’s Super Soaker, so we’re going to move right along.

2. Alleviates painful bowel movements.

I wish I could say that “we all know someone who has painful bowel movements”, but we don’t.

Why? Because no one makes a Facebook post about it to their friends.

Unrealistic example of people talking about pooping on Facebook.

Not a real person, by the way.

It’s a private matter, so we have to resort to the internet for answers (and a social life).

The truth is, painful pooping is more common than you think. Not everyone leaves the john happy as an Oompa Loompa.

To illustrate, we snagged one of our own customer’s testimonials, because her words have that “Yes! I can relate…” tone.

“I’ve been using this since 2006, and it’s the only thing I use to go to the bathroom with. Pain medications used to cause me difficulty with irregularity. It’s by far the best for me. I highly recommend it to anyone” – Cheri M.

While you definitely want to see your doctor if you’re suffering from real, chronic constipation, a natural colon cleanse is perfect for the rest of us who just need to alleviate some discomfort while browsing through Facebook pooping.

3. Reduces bowel-related bloating.

If you get bloated one week every month, you know that’s not related to your bowels. That probably your menstruation… unless you’re a male: then that’s just weird.

But if you experience constant bloating, here’s where a colon cleanse comes in handy.

First, if you’re bloated, you should first think about the foods you’ve been eating. They are generally the first culprit.

Americans may be bloated because of their sodium intake.

Consuming an excess in sodium, for example, is sure to be a bloater. The American Heart Association recommends a maximum of 2300mg a day, but advises you shoot for 1500mg. Here is what’s scary: more than 70% of the sodium we consume is from our food, not from the salt shaker.

Other items that may bloat you include heavy starches (bread, potato, pasta) and artificial sweeteners (commonly found in soda pop and “flavor enhancers” for water).

While you definitely want reduce your intake of these two, colon cleansing can also help you reduce bloating.

Linda Lee Ann, M.D. at Johns Hopkins Medicine cites “constipation” as one of the commonest causes of bloating. “The longer your stool sits in your colon, the more time bacteria have to ferment what’s there,” says Lee. “You’re going to get gassier, and you’re going to feel a lot more bloated.”

The more effective your digestive system is at removing build-up, the less likely you’ll suffer from bloating.

4. Improves your digestion.

When your digestive system isn’t running at its top gear, your body suffers. In fact, if your digestive system were to shut down, the body couldn’t nourish itself or rid itself of waste.

For common issues like digestive health, your best bet is to eat healthily, and “[eliminate] acidic things from the diet, such as tomatoes, onions, and red wine,” says Dr. Larry Good, a gastroenterologist associated with South Nassau Communities Hospital.

While, yes–true, he did specify red wine, we always need to be cautious of our daily eating and drinking habits.

After all, everything we consume is filtered through our digestive system: so if we neglect it over and over again, we can’t expect it to be 100% healthy.

But sometimes we can experience digestive symptoms out of the blue, such as bloating and intestinal sensitivity, and there’s not always a fool-proof solution to get rid of it.

Raspberries are an excellent fruit for colon cleansing.

In addition to a colon cleanse, we can also incorporate foods that are helpful for our digestion, like dark, leafy greens (broccoli, kale, spinach), fiber-rich foods (chickpeas, kidney/pinto/black beans), and fruit (raspberries, apples, and figs).

When you feed your body the natural ingredients it craves, you’ll find your digestive system improve monumentally.

And if you’ve been struggling with common symptoms like build up, occasional constipation, bloating, and bowel irregularity, a colon cleanse is exactly what you need.

5. Helps keep liver and other organs safe.

If you’re doing an all-natural colon cleanse, there’s a good chance some of those ingredients will carry with them some wonderful side effects.

Dandelion and Fennel, two ingredients of this colon cleanse, each come naturally with antioxidant benefits, like helping prevent chronic diseases.

Dandelion great for digestion.

Dandelion, as one example, is sought for its high phenolic content, or “polyphenols.” These are the most abundant types of antioxidants in our diets, and help protect the tissue against oxidative stress and “associated pathologies such as cancers, coronary heart disease and inflammation.”

Fennel is admired for its essential fatty acids.

Fennel, similarly, brings with it a richness in essential fatty acids (EFA). Because of our modern dietary and lifestyle choices, many of us have a dire lack of EFA’s–and this is one of those “essential nutrients” that the structure and function of our cells rely on… you know, in order to live.

It’s actually more beneficial to choose a colon cleanse with diverse and potent ingredients in it, so that your body can reap all of those benefits without you having to add one more thing to your diet.

It’s like taking vitamins, except you also end up improving your digestive system along the way.