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Meet the better you.

That person is a sip away.

We both hate the same thing.

Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m just like you, except you’re probably much more fun to hang around.
I used to pity in my body image for years. I would…

  • Always adjust my shirt so the wind wouldn’t expose my stomach 1-pack.
  • Never eat with people so I could go home and binge in private.
  • Tell people I don’t believe in diets (but I needed a ton of help).
  • Look online for good prices on tummy tucks, realize that’s stupid, and head into the kitchen to see what’s new in the fridge.
  • But you don’t have to do this anymore like I did…

Meet Allura Trim.

Kick your appetite in the face with Allura Trim… like really kick it. You don’t need your stomach telling you what your body is going to look like.

Your body fat can suck it.

Your Appetite vs. Pizza

The enemy is our non-stop craving for food. It’s appetite control, but we made this natural stick to fight that.
Seriously: You don’t have to break up with pizza, but you’ll want to–and you’ll be able to now!

Control Appetite

See this apple? This is the body type you don’t want.

Support Weight Loss

Weight loss? More like confidence gain. Hell yeah.

Promote Thermogesis

It’s like giving natural ‘roids to your metabolism: speed it up, baby!

Boost Energy

Stay alert and active for hours: nappers aren’t winners.

You’re this close to being sexy,skinny,& freely…you.

You like chemicals? Neither do I.

We put real, natural herbs in our Allura Trim Weight Loss Stick because… WE TAKE THIS.
I don’t like slime, so I don’t recommend you get McDonald’s. SIMPLE.

Garcinia Cambogia

Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)

The extract found in Garcinia Cambogia, known commonly as HCA, has been shown to increase lipid metabolism and enhance thermogenesis. This is why many call it a superfruit.

Over 3 grams (3300mg)

With over 3300 milligrams, you are finally getting enough HCA in your system needed for optimal results. Instead of taking multiple pills, we put in the full amount in each stick.

African Mango

Fat-cell fighter

The African Mango has the capacity to favorably impact adipogenesis, which affects the body’s process of storing fat cells and controlling the metabolism.

Doubles as fiber

Seed extract from African Mango can also act as a dietary fiber, which aids your natural cleansing processes; it has even been shown to favorably affect blood-sugar levels.

15 Calories. That’s like a chip.

Coffee Bean

Caffeine most naturally

Caffeine from coffee beans is sought worldwide and daily because it is a natural, safe source of energy, much like what most people are used to: coffee.

Earthy antioxidant

More than caffeine, coffee bean also exhibits potent antioxidant behavior, which means you effectively get both energy and a cleansing kit in one natural ingredient.

Yohimbe Bark

Natural stimulant

As an energy stimulant, Yohimbe bark has been shown to counteract fatigue and increase endurance for work, which means you can keep going all day.

Helps nervous system

Used for thousands of years, this bark’s action on the central nervous system can help promote a natural focus for anyone, even beyond weight management goals.

We believe in our products so much that you can try them risk-free.

It really is that simple.

When do I take it?

While the timing varies per person, depending on their body and their schedule, we recommend mid-morning to early afternoon so that the effect of the Garcinia Cambogia has the maximum effect on your appetite. Until you are comfortable with the energy, avoid taking it too late in the day to safeguard your sleep.

Can I take only half a stick? Two sticks?

We recommend one full stick for the full dosage and optimum results, but if one stick is more than potent enough for you, you may experience with lesser dosages to find what works best for you. Our formula is packed with effective ingredients, so we do not recommend two sticks per day.

Is the Allura Trim Fitness Stick better than Garcinia Cambogia pills?

Absolutely! In order to give you 3300 mg of the most premium Garcinia Cambogia, we had to switch from the small capacity of pills to a fitness drink formula. This way, you can reap the power of the superfruit and enjoy a delicious drink at once!

What if I love the product too much?

You know… that’s a risk you’re going to have to take, my friend.

No auto-ship.

No gimmicks.

No chemicals.

Just real appetite control.

Allura Trim Weight Loss Stick

We don’t call it the weight loss stick as a sleight of hand. Don’t let your appetite rule you anymore.
Get Allura Trim today!


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