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Look and Feel Amazing~From the Inside Out

30 Capsules per bottle

My Gentle Detox is a natural herbal supplement that's perfect for gentle colon cleansing that also includes botanical ingredients for liver support. Get a delicate balance of effective colon cleansing and botanical ingredients traditionally used for digestive organ support with My Gentle Detox.

Stop Suffering from Unhealthy Bowel Function

These all natural colon cleansing pills contain botanicals to help you:

    Maintain Regularity*
    Eliminate Built Up Waste*
    Increase Nutrient Absorption*
    Look and Feel Better*

All without fasting!

Boost your weight management program when you naturally cleanse your colon along with your diet and exercise routine. Shed pounds and support your digestive organs* when you cleanse and detox.

Start by simply take one capsule daily for intestinal and digestive cleansing. Most people only need one capsule a day, but others may need a little more to start.
Then drink plenty at least 8 ounces of water throughout the day when cleansing.
It's just that easy!

For best results, limit consumption of dairy and refined foods as well as foods with a high fat content.

My Gentle DETOX is safe to take with most other supplements. Combine with Herbal Nitro Allura Trim Stick Pack to kick-start your weight management program.

Not sure if natural colon cleansing is right for you? Learn about the Benefits of Detoxing and Cleansing to discover how it can help you look and feel better ~ from the inside out.

How Do I Choose Between My Gentle Detox and My Gentle Cleanse?

Each body is unique. We all have our own specific needs for balance. My Gentle Detox and My Gentle Cleanse both contain ingredients that promote elimination but they use different ingredients in different proportions. If this is your first time using a natural colon cleansing product, we suggest you try the trial size of My Gentle Detox and My Gentle Cleanse to determine which formula works best for you.

Which Formula is Stronger?

It is not a question of "strength" but how the products works. My Gentle Detox has more ingredients that promote the peristaltic action of the colon resulting in more "push". My Gentle Cleanse has more herbal ingredients to naturally soften. Both contain formulas botanical ingredients for detox and soothing.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you have chronic constipation we recommend that you consult your health care professional.

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